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Language education: problems and possible solutions

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Although knowledge of foreign languages is now becoming increasingly necessary, language education in most parts of the world (with few exceptions) seems to be rather inefficient. This paper attempts to define the most common problems of general language instruction and their possible solutions. In the first part, linguistic, psychological, methodological and external factors affecting the learning process are singled out. In the second part, it is discussed how these problems could be solved and some practical measures are proposed.

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G. Kazakov
Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University)

Grigory Kazakov, PhD, is Senior Lecturer at the Department of English No.3

76, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Moscow, 119454, Russia

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Kazakov G. Language education: problems and possible solutions. Филологические науки в МГИМО. 2021;7(4):18-23.

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Kazakov G. Language education: problems and possible solutions. Linguistics & Polyglot Studies. 2021;7(4):18-23.

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